National Research Saratov State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky
National Research University Higher School of Economics
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation

VI International Youth Research and Practice Conference

Mathematical and Computer Modelling
in Economics, Insurance and Risk Management

Program committee:

  • V. S. Mkhitaryan, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of Statistics and Data Analysis Department of NRU Higher School of Economics (Chairman);

  • V.. Balash, Doctor of Economics, Professor of Department of Mathematic Economics of SSU (Saratov);
  • E. A. Kolomak, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Sector of inter-regional National Economic Problems Head of FSBIS Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of Siberian Branch of the RAS;
  • Paresh Date, Professor (Brunel University, UK);
  • Abraham Althonayan, Professor (Brunel University, UK);
  • S. P. Sidorov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Head of SSU Institute of Risks (Saratov).